Certificate Course in ADHD

When a child is diagnosed with ADHD it means that, he or she cannot concentrate on something for longer periods, cannot pay attention to them and also, cannot refrain themselves from exhibiting impulsive behaviours. Restlessness is a common symptom seen in these children.

The term ADHD includes hyperactive. We can easily understand that these children are not the ones who will sit silently in a corner. They are almost constantly active.

Why do these things happen? The brain development in people with ADHD does not follow the normal course and the section of the brain that controls attention and brain activity is jeopardized. This also means that the ability to sit still, ability to keep control over the activities of oneself are also subjected to haphazard.

Children, be of school-going age or preschool age, can be affected with ADHD. Once initiated, this condition can pertain to remain in them till adolescence. Sometimes, the continuity extends till adulthood also.

Nobody can predict from before whether a child will be affected by ADHD or not. So, a bit of consciousness is not going to hurt anyone. You may or may not be a teacher vested with the responsibility of a class of special children or you have a close relation in your family with someone who has an ADHD child. Training in this particular section can always come in handy.

What is a better way to train yourself than enrolling into a professional course in ADHD? Here at London College of Teachers and Trainers we have designed the perfect certificate course in ADHD for anyone- a teacher, an aspirant teacher, a parent or guardian.

What do you learn here? Firstly, you learn the techniques to implement to control the children and understand their thought process and demands. We provide you with the correct techniques of behaviour modification. Alternate therapies and intervention techniques are among other things that you will take home from this course.

How it works

Once you enroll with us you will get access to the online course as a student.

Then you will come across one phase after another each of which will consist of a set of MCQs. You need to go through your study materials and attempt all MCQs.

Once the MCQs are answered, you will be a certified student.

You will receive the certificate hard copy to your postal address.

As long as you will go through the course, we will provide you with uninterrupted support through mail, chat and phone calls.

Who can do the course

Anyone who falls into the following groups can do the course:

  • Teachers (aspiring or experienced)
  • Parents
  • Guardians
  • School coordinators


The modules contain MCQs at the end. All of these MCQs will be answered by the students. The completion of this will herald the commencement of assessment.

For your self-correction, answer keys to the MCQs will be sent to you, the candidate of assessment.


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