Be a better mother, care giver and teacher of an infant with the internationally recognized course

Do you love to take care of newborn babies, who have just opened their eyes and seen the light of earth or the toddlers, who have just learned to call his or her mother and father, and look at everything with intense curiosity and have a bundle of questions in mind to get answers? Do you have the magnetism within you with which you can stop a child from crying within a second? Are the kids love to hear the tales of prince, princess, and monsters from you? Then, the Early Childhood Care and Education Course is what you need to boost the mother or teacher within you.

Deals with caring, teaching, as well as facilitating kids from the age group of 0 to 6, this course is specially designed for mothers, teachers, and caregivers of infants. The certified and certified academicians of London College of Teachers and Trainers, who have years of experience and expertise in this field have designed and developed the course carefully. Our course comprises of teaching techniques and knowledge to upbringing children. On the development stages, the main objective of our course is to enable candidates to understand different stages of the physical and emotional growth of a child.

Nowadays, a teacher or caregiver of a child needs to acquaint with different methodologies that are related to child psychology. Also, they need the knowledge to identify a disorder in a child. During the course, our professionals will tutor and mentor our students.

The Early Childhood and Education Teachers Training Course is divided into three levels, including Certificate, Diploma and Post-graduate Diploma.

The Certificate course is of 120 hours while the Diploma course is of 200 hours and the PG Diploma is a 240 hours course.

After the successful completion of the course, we provide candidates internationally recognized and globally accepted certificate. This certificate will help you to teach worldwide.


  • Certificate Course in Montessori Teachers Training – Class 10
  • Diploma Course in Montessori Teachers Training – Class 12
  • Post Graduate Diploma Course in Montessori Teachers Training – Graduate

Learning Outcome

  • Students can teach in schools, work as private care givers, as well as become a better mother after they complete the course successfully.
  • Be familiar with all the latest ways to teach and facilitate young minds
  • Get jobs in any preschools, international schools and also work as private care givers
  • After the completion of the course, candidates will get an internationally recognized certificate


  • The Early Childhood and Education Teachers Training Courses are divided into three modules
  • Each module has an MCQ set that the candidates need to learn to move to the next module
  • The correct answers to the MCQ questions will be given to the students once they attempt it
  • In the Diploma and PG Diploma course, there is a section called, case studies and lesson planning, students need to finish this successfully
  • Our tutors will check lesson plans and case studies to give you the final certificate

How does it work

  • Once you clear the payment, we will give you access to the course with a unique username and password
  • Each module consists of a Multiple Choice Questions/assignment and students need to complete it successfully to move on to the next phase
  • At the end of the diploma course, there will be an assignment
  • After they complete the course successfully, certificates will be mailed to the candidate


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