Child Psychology courses for teachers and parents

Explore the Captivating World of Child Psychology

Child psychology is a fascinating world, and to nurture those young minds, the first and foremost thing that you have to do is to delve deep into their world. If you are an aspiring teacher or an experienced one, who wants to be familiar with the intricate psychology of a toddler, then the Child Psychology Course for Teachers, offered by London College of Teachers and Trainers is what you need.

Developed by experienced academicians, this course offers an array of insights to the psychological development of a child and let you know how to nurture the young minds. Your complete understanding of every aspect of child psychology contributes to the healthiest development of a child.

When you will teach in a class, you need to understand the strengths and weakness of every child so that you can help all to enter into the world of knowledge. It also provides the ability to identify diverse behavioral issues, as well as offers the latest methods to intervene.

Moreover, a teacher needs to know how to understand the special needs of a special child so that he or she never feels distinguished from the rest of the classmates. Diagramming the emotional and social development of a kid is an essential part of teaching. But without proper knowledge, it would not be possible to provide enough care and affection to them. By making you acquainted with all these, our course will help you to be a better teacher.

Our Course is divided into 2 Levels

Our Child Psychology Course for Teachers is divided into 2 levels – Certificate and Diploma. After the completion of the course, students will get an internationally recognized certificate and they can apply for the post of teachers in several schools.
Certificate in the Child Psychology Course for Teachers: It is a course of 5 modules and encompasses all the aspects of child psychology including development characteristics in the preschool year, learning processes, and many more.

Diploma in the Child Psychology Course for Teachers: This 11 modules course consists of various things including child psychiatric disorders, safety measures, health and hygiene of a mother and a child, etc.

Why you should do the child psychology course

  • This course is applicable for teachers of all grades
  • The institution is in search of teachers who have sound knowledge in child psychology
  • This course helps the teacher to identify children with special needs
  • It helps the teachers in knowing the development milestones and apply them adequately in the teaching methods
  • This course helps in identifying diverse behavioral traits of kids and finding proper solutions
  • The course enables the teachers in mapping emotional and social development in children and provides them with proper support through teaching.


  • The courses are divided into several modules
  • Each module has a set of MCQs, students to learn these to move on to the next level
  • The correct answers of the Multiple Choice Questions are given to the students once they attempt it

How it works

  • Once you choose the course and make the payment, you will be given access to the course with a unique username and password
  • You can access the course material at any time
  • Each module has a set of MCQs/assignment, students need to complete it successfully
  • At the end of the diploma course, an assignment will be given and students need to complete it
  • After the completion of the course, the certificate will be mailed to the candidates
Disclaimer: " Please note that the certificates are not to be used for any clinical practice or patient handling. The course is strictly targeted for teachers and parents. The student should not claim themselves to be a child psychologist after completion of the course."


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