Child Psychology courses for teachers and parents

Understanding child psychology is crucial for both teachers and parents in order to effectively support children's development and address their needs. By gaining a deeper understanding of child psychology and applying this knowledge in their interactions with children, teachers and parents can create nurturing environments that promote optimal growth and development.

This compact program is planned, remembering that you have no earlier information and comprehension of kid brain science, and you need to learn in spite of your bustling timetable. So we have attempted to keep away from language however much as could reasonably be expected and improved on ideas and phrasing for you.

This course is useful for any individual or expert who manages youngster treatment, kid advisors, kid guiding, kids directing, Montessori, treatments for youngsters, chemical imbalance range jumble, kid care, advocate, guiding vocation learning handicap, dyslexia, Youth Training, youth improvement, custom curriculum, Persuasive Conduct Treatment (DBT), applied conduct examination (ABA), Craftsmanship treatment, ADHD, Nurturing, Mental Conduct Treatment (CBT), concentrate on abilities, Psychotherapy, guiding in kids and teenagers and so on.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the cognitive, emotional and social development of a child.
  • Learn how to do parenting for better development of a child.
  • Learn about schooling environment for better development of a child.
  • Learn how to build self-esteem and confidence in a child.
  • Learn how to build attachment and relationship with a child.
  • Learn about behavioral problems in children.
  • Learn how to identify bullying and child abuse and manage it.
  • Learn how to identify stress, grief and depression in a child and manage it.
  • Learn how to identify separation in a child and manage it.
  • Learn about general guidelines for child therapy and counselling

How it works

  • Students are given study materials in PDF format
  • A group will be created by assigned tutor for each course
  • Students will be given Zoom Log in details
  • There are required to join Zoom classes on stipulated date and time
  • Certificates will be awarded on 90% attendance and after submission of all the assignments
  • There will be extra charges if students shift to the next batch at their will.

Who this course is for

  • Individuals who would like to work with children (or working with them already)
  • Parents or parents-to-be who want to learn about child's development and behaviour
  • Students and professionals working in care-, psychology-, and mental health settings

Developed by experienced academicians, this course offers an array of insights to the psychological development of a child and guides you to nurture the young minds. Your complete understanding of every aspect of child psychology contributes to the healthiest development of a child.

Besides, an instructor has to know how to comprehend the exceptional requirements of an extraordinary kid with the goal that the individual in question never feels recognized from the other cohorts. Outlining the profound and social improvement of a youngster is a fundamental piece of educating. Yet, without appropriate information, it wouldn't be imaginable to give sufficient consideration and warmth to them. By making you familiar with every one of these, our course will assist you with being a superior educator.

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