TEFL course in Corinth

Located 50 miles away from Athens and is surrounded by beautiful countryside and small coastal towns, Corinth is an ancient city that is enriched with archaeological sites. If you want to explore the rich history of the ancient Greek civilization and experience traditional Greek culture, then you should visit the Peloponnese region. On the other hand, modern Corinth offers all the modern amenities including charming restaurants, cafes, bars, beautiful beaches and many more. All these are enough to make your stay in Corinth a pleasant experience.

Our TEFL course in Corinth helps aspiring teachers to teach English as a foreign language in Europe and other parts of the world. During the course, you will be acquainted with various learning theories, methodologies, phonology, grammar, the difference between teaching YL and adults, classroom management skills, etc. Moreover, the well-equipped practical classes with the latest teaching aids will help you to know about peer teaching and give you an opportunity to manage a real classroom.

Our TEFL course centre has a huge library with a wide array of helpful materials.  The school has a plenty of space where you can relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, our wireless network will make it sure that away from the family, you never feel alone and always  keep in touch with your near and dear ones.


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Course Fees
The total course fee is divided into two sections: deposit & balance
One can pay the deposit by

  • Credit card  or
  • PayPal or
  • Wire transfer or
  • Western Union

You can pay the balance by PayPal, or cash or bank transfer directly to the training centre on the very first day of the course.

Deposit (to be paid upfront) + Balance (to be paid on arrival) = US$ 600+ Euros 920

Right across the road from the training centre, we offer convenient accommodations to our students. The house has several rooms along with bathrooms, kitchen, communal lounge, balconies, large garden, etc. The house is just two minutes away from the heart of the village. So, you can easily go there and visit other places.


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