TEFL course in Seoul

The capital of South Korea, Seoul is a metropolitan city with a population of totaling over 25.6 million. It is also the largest city of South Korea and the cultural and financial epicenter of Asia. A captivating blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology is also worth considering. An abode to endless mouthwatering street foods, it is the haven for food lovers. While the serene Buddhist temple will bring a peaceful feeling in you, the extraordinary architecture and grey apartment buildings will change your mind. It is a city contrast.

You will also notice an extraordinary high-pressure education system here. And so, there is a demand for qualified English teachers. If you want to teach here, explore the unexplored places of the city, then a TEFL course in Seoul will give you the opportunity. Consists of all the relevant teaching techniques, methodologies, Phonology, English grammar, and other important things, our course will help you to go a step closer to your dream.

From the modern classroom facility to free Wi-Fi connection to a library equipped with the relevant resources, our training TEFL training center offers everything that a student needs. As we offer a global certificate after the completion of the course, students can apply in any institutions in any part of the world and teach English as a second language.  


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Course Fees
The total course fee is divided into two sections: deposit & balance
One can pay the deposit by

  • Credit card¬† or
  • PayPal or
  • Wire transfer or
  • Western Union

You can pay the balance by PayPal, or cash or bank transfer directly to the training centre on the very first day of the course.

Deposit (to be paid upfront) + Balance (to be paid on arrival) = USD 600+ USD 890

We offer different accommodation options during the course. And the options include home stays, hostels, hotels, private rooms, and many more. All of the accommodations are very close to the training center or the nearby market. Once you confirm your preferences, we will book it for you.


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