TEFL course in Bangkok

Bangkok, a city that is synonymous to vibrant street life and ornate shrines, is the capital of Thailand. Crowned as one of the world’s Top Ten Cities by the famous magazine Travel + Leisure, it is the number one destination for travelers from all across the world. Pristine temples, fabulous restaurants, city malls, modern life, floating markets, traditional cultural enclaves are some of the major attractions of this bustling city. If you love the nightlife, then the City of Angles is second to none. Moreover, you can satiate your taste buds with various Thai foods.

Our TEFL course in Bangkok enables aspiring teachers to realize their dreams. There are two thousand tutoring and private language schools that hire English teachers.

Moreover, there are thousands of private and public schools that hire teachers on a seasonal basis. Whether you want to teach English as a foreign language here or as a second language in other parts of the world, this course with internationally accredited certificate will help you a lot.
Our teachers have many years of experience in teaching, curriculum development, and eLearning creation. Moreover, they support students in resume formation and job interviewing skills. We also offer job assistance to our students.


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Course Fees
The total course fee is divided into two sections: deposit & balance
One can pay the deposit by

  • Credit card  or
  • PayPal or
  • Wire transfer or
  • Western Union

You can pay the balance by PayPal, or cash or bank transfer directly to the training centre on the very first day of the course.

Deposit (to be paid upfront) + Balance (to be paid on arrival) = USD 600+ USD 995

We offer a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets. You can choose single rooms, more comfortable condos, luxury rooms and many more. Based on your needs and budget, you can choose the right one.


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