The evaluation process for London College of Teachers and Trainers is pretty straightforward. The students get assigned to their own portals that contain all the study materials and the assignments. Students can access only one module at a time. There’s an assignment after each module, which the students need to complete and submit. 

The assignments are in the MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format. For some levels, some assignments are in the form of long questions, lesson plans, case studies and project work. After each module is finished, the students will complete the assignments and submit them through the portal. Once the assignment is submitted, the student must wait for 24-48 business hours to get their evaluation. The evaluation is sent to the student in an email from the Head of the Department. The student must wait 10 days to get access to the next module. For people opting for the fast-track mode, the candidate must wait for 24 business days (3 days) to get access to the next module.


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