Worldwide Presence - London College of Teachers and Trainers

Our goal at London College of Teachers and Trainers is to create world-class teachers who can excel in any country or continent they wish to teach in. The world is getting smaller each day with all the advancement in technology and forms of communication. We are no longer stationary beings. We have now acquired the ability to cross borders or access global information at the click of a mouse. By default, it should follow that education become transnational as well. London College of Teachers and Trainers offers courses online that can be accessed by anyone around the world. Whether you’re from Mexico, Prague or India, Seoul, Dubai, or even Iceland, you can become a certified teacher by following our thorough course structure. It is not only about getting to study our courses from anywhere in the world, but you can also teach wherever you want once you are certified. London College of Teachers and Trainers has a heavy presence in Europe, Asia, Central and Latin America, and provides a host of courses that cover a lot of ground regarding what you want to teach.

Our TEFL courses provide the perfect opportunity for teachers aspiring to teach abroad. There’s a very high demand for English teachers in countries like Japan, China, Mexico Germany, Thailand, Spain, Colombia. The Middle East is another region where the position of an English teacher is highly coveted. Doing the TEFL course with us gives you the chance to teach in these countries plus travel and enjoy the local culture.

Our International Teaching Diploma (ITD) clubs six specializations in one mega course- Special Education Teacher Training, PPTT (Pre Primary Teacher Training), ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education), MTT (Montessori Teacher Training), NTT (Nursery Teacher Training) and Child Psychology. Teachers studying this course may find themselves becoming very coveted by international schools in the US or the Middle East. Having an ITD certification ensures you have the necessary tools to teach all kinds of students. Since schools are becoming increasingly inclusive globally, having a base in special needs education and child psychology is a bonus.  London College of Teachers and Trainers also offers the above mentioned courses as standalone programs where the teacher can become an expert in the area they are specifically interested in. Early Childhood Care and Education, for instance, is a quality program that deals with the holistic development of a child right from their birth to the age of 6 years. This program falls in line with UNESCO’s Education 2030 where their vision is to ensure every child, male or female, gets access to proper care and education for their holistic psychological, physical and emotional development by 2030. This is a great opportunity for those interested in ECCE to utilize their learning in countries in need of such teachers.

We also provide courses such as Education Administration & Management (EAM) for the more administrative minded. Our BETT (Business English Teacher Training) course is another way to gain traction internationally. Countries like Taiwan, China, Japan or any major international business centers where business English is a necessity, teachers with a BETT certificate will undoubtedly excel.