Value of London College of Teachers and Trainers Certificates

Accreditation is of utmost importance for a teacher training course. The value of a teacher training institute lies in its accreditation. Accreditation reflects not only the quality of an institution but also indicates the recognition and validation of the courses with a particular provider. London College of Teachers and Trainers ensures that the students have high quality training and improved employment opportunities. London College of Teachers and Trainers is a proud associate of several well-regarded professional institutions and is accredited by eminent organizations.

  • Chartered College of Teaching: An international body that focuses on improving the quality of education and supporting teachers worldwide to up the standard of teaching and learning.
  • ITC (International TEFL Canada): A premier ESL institute situated in Canada.
  • QCI (Quality Council of India): The QCI is an accrediting body that aims to uphold the standards of functioning in major areas like education, environmental protection, healthcare and so on.  
  • Lamar University, Texas: Lamar University is celebrated for its research programs and renowned for its contribution to online education.
  • Siam Technical College, Thailand: One of the most prominent academic institutions in Southeast Asia with faculties from Europe and North America.

We can ensure that London College of Teachers and Trainers graduates will be accepted by schools and universities worldwide because they are trained in curricula approved and validated by international bodies such as those mentioned above.
The value of a certificate provided by London College of Teachers and Trainers lies in the fact that we are accredited by bodies that set the benchmark for quality education which in turn helps the candidates garner international acceptance and make them eligible to work globally.

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