Be the Helpful Guide in the Lives of Children with Our Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course

Offered by London College of Teachers and Trainers, a leading institution, Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course is an all-inclusive course for pre-school and primary school teachers. If you want to teach kids of the age group of 2 to 12, then this online course that is designed by experienced academicians and that offers a perfect blend of international theories and latest methodologies, will be the right choice for you. Pre Primary Teachers, who are certified, are high in demand nowadays, and schools all across the world are in quest of such teachers. Once you complete the course successfully, you will be eligible to teach from Nursery to Class Five in any institutions. 

Three level course

Our Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course is a three-level course.

The certificate course provides a basic guidance of teaching children to the aspirant teachers. It comprises of child psychology, educational philosophy, knowledge of various development stages of children, lesson planning, as well as classroom management. This course is divided into 10 modules.

The Diploma course is an advanced level course that offers an additional insight into the world of pre-school and primary level teachers. The case studies, as well as the research work associated with the course, make teachers familiar with facilitate learning.

The PG Diploma Course is a master level course. If you want to explore more about teaching children and delve deep into the world of teaching, then choose this course. It is a 12 months course.


  • Certificate Course in Pre and Primary Teachers Training – Class 10
  • Diploma Course in Pre and Primary Teachers Training – Class 10
  • PG Diploma Course in Pre and Primary Teachers Training- Graduate

Learning Outcomes

  • Once you complete the course, you will have an internationally recognized certificate to teach all over the world
  • You will get the opportunity to learn about the latest skills and methodologies of learning
  • You will also know how to manage a class, as well as the students
  • Creating, evaluating and implementing lessons for pre-primary and primary classrooms

How the course works

  • Fill our online application form in order to enroll yourself in the course
  • Our spokesperson will contact you to make you aware of each aspect of the course and give you a unique user name and password
  • Each of the modules has a set of MCQ questions or assignments that you need to complete properly in order to move on to the next level
  • There will be an assignment at the end of the diploma course
  • After you complete the course successfully, we will provide you certificate


  • Each of the modules consists of MCQ questions that you need to be completed
  • The answer key to the MCQ test will be sent to you so that you can check and correct it 
  • For an advanced level course, you need to create projects or lesson plans or case studies
  • Our teachers will check your projects or lesson plans or case studies and based on your performance will provide you grade


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