Tutor Support

London College of Teachers and Trainers curriculum is developed and put together with careful attention by world class educators who have much experience in their respective fields. All the courses are divided in modules so as to make it easy for the learners to understand the study materials.
Each candidate gets assigned a tutor to guide them through their program. The students can contact their tutor or mentor via email, text message, Whatsapp for any queries they might have. If the student is stuck on a module or comes across a topic they want to discuss at large, they can contact their assigned tutor and discuss their issues. It is urged that the students contact their tutor during business hours: 10 am to 6 pm, from Monday to Friday. The tutors also offer support during the first half of Saturdays. The tutor support is not offered on Sundays and public holidays. If there are any urgent issues, students can leave a message on Whatsapp and the tutor will get back to them as and when possible.


What our Students Say