Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)

Feeling stress and helpless on how to teach your child with autism, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) related developmental disorders?

No worries, this Applied Behavioural Analysis course will solve all your worries and queries on how to overcome the stress and helplessness.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a scientific discipline that focuses on understanding and modifying human behaviour. It is based on the principles of behaviourism and applies these principles to practical situations to bring about meaningful and positive changes in behaviour.

ABA is often used in the field of psychology to help individuals with developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder, improve their skills and reduce problematic behaviours. However, it can also be applied to various other populations and settings, including education, organizational behaviour management, sports, and mental health.

In this course, we are focusing on the understanding of ABA and different techniques. It also helps us to understand the benefits of this therapy.

This course is for teachers and parents dealing with special children. Teachers working in an inclusive setup will be in a superior position to deal with behavioural issues.

Why you should do this Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) course?

  • Learn how ABA can help in the development of your child with autism and related developmental disorders.
  • Learn how to use ABA techniques to help in managing your child’s behaviours.
  • Learn how to use effectively visual aids in ABA therapy.
  • Learn how to build on communication and language skills in children using ABA techniques.
  • Increase your confidence in the right way of using ABA therapy to work with your child.
  • Learn and improvise how to create materials such as schedule and token economy to manage child’s behaviours and emotional regulations.
  • Learn how to use ABA techniques to increase a child’s cognitive ability.
  • Understand how ABA techniques can improve your child’s literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Learn how to use ABA techniques to build compliance, taking receptive instructions and doing things on demand from parents and teachers in school.
  • Benefit from the clear explanations and visual techniques of how to use ABA competently with your child.

Who this course is for

  • Family members of persons with developmental disorders such as autism, ADHD.
  • School teachers and caregivers who want to help their child or loved ones with special needs
  • Educational or early intervention therapists who wish to learn more to improve their clinical skills
  • Anyone who is keen to work with children with special needs and wants to know more to help them.

This course contains detailed demonstrations of how you can use different ABA techniques like chaining and patterning. These techniques improve motor skills, language skills, cognitive function skills.


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