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London College Of Teachers and Trainers is a global teachers training institute providing wide range of courses catering to the needs of international teachers. The teacher training courses are available online and In-Class mode.

All the teacher training courses of LCTT Designed and developed by qualified and experienced professionals. LCTT maintain the Global standards and helps teachers get acquainted with modern pedagogy. The certificate we provide makes us the most preferred and exceptionally excelled institution in the field of teacher training. The internationally accredited certificate brings an edge to your career graph.

We understand the role of a teacher in a child’s life. So  when you want to be a teacher and will choose us for expanding your knowledge, we will make sure that you are able to master the skill of learning. We believe that teachers are the creator of the nation. They mentor young minds to the pinnacle of success.

LCTT introduce range of teacher training courses which includes International Teaching Diploma(which includes 6 specialization), Montessori , Nursery, Special education, Early childhood care and education, Educational administration and management & Pre and Primary teacher training. All the courses are of International level & premium standards which will enable the teachers to teach and understand the child’s need.

The course you choose should be able to drive you towards the lucrative career, London College Of Teachers place their candidates & assist them for getting jobs after completion of the course.

TEFL Course

The course geared towards teachers who want to teach English to non-native speakers in English speaking countries. It prepares the learner in skills required to teach language systems, language learning methodologies, grammar and lesson planning. TEFL/TESOL is best suited for individuals who aspire to teach abroad. Fees starts from 250 US$ / 195 GBP / 17000 INRRead more

Montessori Training

The course is especially designed for teachers who are interested in teaching young children, specifically between the ages 2-6 years. MTT subscribes to the Montessori school of teaching which believes in letting the children develop at their own pace in a guided environment. Fees starts from 170 US$ / 140 GBP / 11800 INR Read more

Nursery Teacher Training

The course is a comprehensive study of various methodologies of teaching. NTT focuses on complete social, cognitive and physical development of young children between the ages 2-5. Fees starts from 170 US$ / 140 GBP / 11800 INR Read more

Pre and Primary Teachers Training

A comprehensive course comprised of major methodologies of education for teachers wanting to teach preschool and primary school children. A teacher well versed in PPTT will find themselves capable of teaching children from the ages 2-12. Fees starts from 170 US$ / 140 GBP / 11800 INRRead more

Special Education Teacher Training

It is specially designed to train SEN (Special Education Needs) teachers. This SEN course will prepare the teachers to spot children who need special attention so that they can provide the best education possible. Fees starts from 170 US$ / 140 GBP / 11800 INR Read more

International Teaching Diploma

International Teaching Diploma is a comprehensive course for teachers who wants teach students from preschool to primary level. Latest methodologies has been included in the course to help the teachers evolve as global educators. Fees starts from 170 US$ / 140 GBP / 11800 INRRead more

Early Childhood Care and Education

The course focuses on the caring and teaching of young children from the ages 0-6. ECCE is perfect for new mothers, care-givers of infants and teachers dealing with young children. Fees starts from 170 US$ / 140 GBP / 11800 INR Read more

Educational Administration & Management

Offered as a certificate, diploma and a PG diploma course, the program is intensely focused on operational administration and management for learners who want to become expert administrators in the field of education. Fees starts from 170 US$ / 140 GBP / 11800 INR Read more