Give Additional Support & be the Friend, Philosopher, Friend of Children with Special Needs with this Teachers Training Course

As special needs children are different from the normal ones, teachers, who will teach them, need to be properly trained, as well as familiar with the challenges that these kids faced. London College of Teachers and Trainers’ special needs teachers training course gives the opportunity to the aspiring teachers to help children who are gifted with special abilities that are also termed as learning disabilities, autism, and ADHD, cope with runway emotions.

Once you complete the course, you will be able to recognize the problem in a special child early, and help them so that they can enjoy the essence of the world like others, as well as enter into the world of knowledge. Nowadays, there is a growing need for special education teachers, as well as shadow teachers. Certified special need teachers are appointed in diverse schools, special schools, preschools, and also as a shadow teacher, to help children in school.

We offer Four Levels of Special Needs Teachers Training Course

London College of Teachers and Trainers offers internationally acclaimed special needs teachers training course that implements the most useful strategic approach to special education. The role and responsibility of a special needs education teacher is far more challenging than other ones. And so, our course is carefully designed to serve all the difficult phases of SEN teaching.

We offer three level training course for special education teachers – Certificate, Diploma, PG Diploma and Expert Level Special Needs Teachers Training with specializations in Child Psychology, Autism Awareness, ADHD and Learning Disability.

While the certificate course gives a primary knowledge of teaching and makes the teacher aware of diverse teaching methods and theories of teaching children with different types of problems, diploma and advanced diploma gives a depth knowledge of teaching special children and disorders like cerebral palsy, sensory difficulties, and visual and hearing impairment. SEN teachers are equipped to identify behavioral or learning problems, manage a classroom in an effective manner and teach children in the most effective way possible.

Learning outcome

  • You will become a shadow teacher
  • Be a qualified SEN teacher
  • Learn about several disorders including ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, etc.
  • Enhance your employability all over the world
  • Be an efficient teacher

How the course works

  • Fill the web application form in order to enroll yourself in the course
  • Our representative will contact you to offer more details about the course
  • After you made the payment, the teachers will start the course
  • When you complete the course, you will get a certificate from us


  • At the end of each module, we will give you a set of Multiple Choice Questions
  • We will provide you the answer keys to the candidates
  • In Diploma phase, the candidates have to submit research as well as an assignment
  • A professional licensed counselor will check the assignment and the research paper
  • The mentor will guide you if you need any help
  • Once you complete the assignment successfully, you will get a certificate from us


The course makes you eligible -

  • as a regular teacher with an intense knowledge about special needs kids.
  • to manage the kids in classroom set up
  • to train & manage kids at home as a parent
  • to work as a shadow teacher for the kid with special needs
  • to function more effectively if you are already a therapist
  • to gain updations on childhood developmental disorders

You will not be able to conduct assesments & any diagnostic test as these are purely & strictly domains for licensed rehab professionals.
This course certificate will not make you eligible to practise as a licensed special educator.


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