Certificate course in Counselling

Have you been more interested in transitioning into the sector of counselling? But at the same time yo do you want to pursue your career as a teacher? Certificate course in counselling as provided by London College of Teachers and Trainers is the perfect opportunity for you.

Going through this course you will develop an in-depth understanding about the way to develop trust and build a strong relationship with the learners. This is especially important in case you are a teacher of young learners.

You must know that the minds of the little ones are most vulnerable and at times remain confused too about understanding relationship with self and others. Enriched with knowledge from the course you can understand how to guide them towards it and successfully make them proceed towards a positive relationship.

During your course you will get in touch with latest methodologies as researched and developed by leading scholars across the globe and applied too. You can readily understand the problem areas of your students and take actions accordingly. This stands true for individual learners also. They themselves can realise their problems and find solutions to it effectively.

Don’t you find bullying a common issue in your class? So is substance use and other behavioural issues like absenteeism. When you complete a course in counselling, you know how to deal with them also.

Here you get access to eight study modules altogether. Starting from handling of students’ emotions to effectively dealing with them in a better way- all are included in detailed manner in these modules.

You will learn how to identify the problems the students may be faced with, what advice to give them so that they can take right decisions and act as that decision imbues them. The whole duration of the certificate course will enable you to understand the parental issues also. Extending a helping hand to the parents also can solve the problems more easily by the implementation of proper techniques.

Learning Outcome of Certificate in Councelling Course

  • Your skill of counselling can prove to be essential irrespective of whether you are a special educator, preschool or high school teacher.
  • The certificate you obtain at the end of the course makes you eligible for international career also which means you can find a job anywhere around the globe.
  • You as a certified counsellor and teacher can manage the class full of young learners in the most efficient manner
  • Effective planning and execution of classroom management along with counselling

Why should one do the counselling course?

  • Knowledge about child psychology is essential in tackling young learners efficiently
  • With completing the counselling course you will be able to identify the children with special needs and cater to them accordingly
  • You can interpret which are the development milestones and implement them with precision
  • Knowledge from this course will help you identify the diversity in the behavioural traits of the children. You will be able to apply proper solution ideas too.
  • Counselling course helps you understand which teaching method would be appropriate for the class allotted to you
  • Sound knowledge about emotional and social development phases in children helps you map them accurately and impart supportive teaching methods
  • The knowledge and expertise that you gather from this course can be applied to all grades, making you more eligible to be employed

How the course works

  • Fill our online application form in order to enroll yourself in the course
  • Our spokesperson will contact you to make you aware of each aspect of the course
  • Once the payment is done, our teachers will start teaching you
  • After you complete the course successfully, we will provide you certificate


  • Each of the modules consists of MCQ questions that you need to complete
  • For an advanced level course, you need to create projects or lesson plans or case studies
  • Our teachers will check your projects or lesson plans or case studies and based on your performance will provide you grade
Disclaimer: " Please note that the certificates are not to be used for any clinical practice or patient handling. The course is strictly targeted for teachers and parents. The student should not claim themselves to be a child psychologist after completion of the course."


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