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London College of Teachers and Trainers is the premier institution that offers the TEFL/TESOL course online. Designed and developed by qualified and experienced professionals, our online course helps aspiring teachers to revamp their English knowledge and make them familiar with each of the methodologies of modern teaching.

TEFL or Teaching English as Foreign Language has gained huge popularity all over the world owing to the scopes of teaching foreign students. Do you want to explore different parts of the world, as well as illuminate the world of knowledge before toddlers? Then, this accredited course will be the ultimate choice for you. We understand that the future of the young generation depends on the teachers, who spread knowledge to them, and for this, we strive to give teachers the best knowledge and experience.

TEFL or the Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESOL has gained immense popularity among aspiring teachers, mid-life career changers, as well as experienced teachers. The career scope for teachers is also increasing in all parts of the world.  

After completing the course, we place our candidates in institutions, schools, corporate sectors, etc. Our course deals with all the current methods of TEFL, grammar teaching, second language procurement, ESL lesson planning, skills related to language development, and diverse other things that are related to classroom teaching.

TEFL Certificate

120 hour TEFL Certificate course offered by London College of Teachers is a great program that trains the aspiring teachers in invaluable skills of teaching English as a foreign language and keeps them updated on the upcoming teaching methodologies.   Read more

TEFL Diploma

150 hour TEFL Diploma level course that trains aspiring teachers in the field of ESL. A Diploma open doors for teachers worldwide and makes them a top choice for educational institutions as they are mentored by an expert who has 35+ years of experience in the field.   Read more

TEFL Advanced Diploma

250 Hours Advanced TEFL Diploma course aims to train the candidates in teaching English as a second language, new and upcoming techniques of teaching and educational administration. The candidates will get to be trained by a mentor who has had 35+ years of experience in the field of ESL training. Read more

TEFL PG Diploma

350 hours TEFL PG Diploma program that guides aspiring teachers how to teach the English language as well coach them in latest teaching methodologies. The PG Diploma candidate will also get to opt for their choice of specialization: BETT (Business English Teacher Training) or YL (Young Learners Teacher Training). Read more

Master in TEFL

480 hour Master in TEFL program is a behemoth that makes the candidate an expert in teaching English as a foreign language with the added bonus of being trained in advanced phonetics, advanced grammar, education administration and management, classroom management and gets to specialize in either BETT (Business English Teacher Training) or YL (Young Learners Teacher Training). Moreover, they get a mentor who has had 35+ years of experience in the field. Read more

Business English Teacher Training (BETT)

120 hour program is best suited for educators aiming to teach corporate English. This is a standalone program, separate from its specialization counterpart, because of the demand it has garnered among candidates to be proficient in teaching mature learners.

 Read more

Young Learners Teacher Training (YL)

60 hour program specifically crafted for aspiring educators interested in teaching children up to the age of 16. The candidates who take up this course are inculcated with techniques to make learning language interesting and accessible for young learners.   Read more

Teaching Phonetics

A standalone 60 hour program that focuses specifically on training educators on how to teach phonetics. This certificate program ensures the educator is proficient in their pronunciation so as to know how to train their students to cultivate perfect enunciation. Read more