Young Learners Teacher Training Course

YL is best suited for people who want to teach English to young learners. The candidate who opts for this program gets to amass skills on how to teach students up to the age of 16 years. The program is designed in such a way so as to help the new teachers understand how to handle young students. YL is meant to teach the educator the best way to teach language to young learners and also draw differences between methods of learning a language. Furthermore, it instructs the educators on how to make a classroom environment suitable and conducive to learning. The course also helps to enhance the teacher’s ability to be creative while they’re teaching or handling their students.


The curriculum is broken down into five modules
The curriculum of YL is primarily focused on enhancing the four language skills in children, which are listening, speaking, reading and writing. The educators learn how to differentiate between language learning and language acquisition and explain the difference to their students. They are trained in proper techniques of evaluation and correction so as to make the learning experience as wholesome and enjoyable as possible. The YL curriculum also teaches the candidates classroom strategies and classroom management so they may be able to hold their own in any kind of situation.


At London College of Teachers and Trainers, we follow the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach where we encourage our students to communicate and practice in the target language.

How the course works

  • Fill our online application form in order to enroll yourself in the course
  • Our spokesperson will contact you to make you aware of each aspect of the course and give you a unique user name and password
  • Each of the modules has a set of MCQ questions or assignments that you need to complete properly in order to move on to the next level
  • There will be an assignment at the end of the diploma course
  • After you complete the course successfully, we will provide you certificate


  • Each of the modules consists of MCQ questions that you need to be completed
  • The answer key to the MCQ test will be sent to you so that you can check and correct it 
  • For an advanced level course, you need to create projects or lesson plans or case studies
  • Our teachers will check your projects or lesson plans or case studies and based on your performance will provide you grade


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